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The Men's Academy

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We empower a man with core answers to his Mission, Identity, and Journey so he can move forward with strength and success in life, work, faith, and in all relationships.

Masculine Genius Institute

The institute's mission

To promote serious presentation and discussion of the work experience, expertise, and research on the natural and supernatural dimensions of manliness in order to further genuine manly development and conduct.


PHIL CHAVEZ combines over 25 years of pastoral ministry and study behind his ground-breaking work in Christian Manliness. He has been an international speaker in men’s development for several years, and has a doctorate from the University of the Holy Cross in Rome.

Dr. Chavez is founder of The Mens Academy (www.TheMensAcademy.org), an online training forum communicating core truths about manliness so men can make solid progress in life, work, faith, and in all their relationships. The masculine journey is revealed in many ways, but ultimately through Jesus Christ.

That You May Prosper in All That You Do” (1Kg 2:3)