Presentations are offered for men only, women only, and for mixed audiences.  Most topics below can be offered in single talks and in half or full day seminars.

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Popular Topics for Men:

  • The Elements of Men’s Spirituality
  • The ‘Masculine Genius’ of John Paul II
  • The Lion & the Lamb:
  • The Identity of Every Man and Father
  • The Journey of the Beloved Son
  • The Code of Chivalry and the Modern Knight
  • Leadership and Manly Character

Popular Topics for Women:

  • Discover the Basics about Men: Relate More Effectively
  • Achieving Intimacy with a Man: Reach a Deeper Level
  • Journey of the Beloved Daughter

Topics for Mixed Audiences:

  • Taking Sex Differences Seriously
  • Ten Things Men Need to Know about Women
  • Ten Things Women Need to Know about Men

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